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Chemotherapeutic potential of Cow Urine – A Review

Gurpreet Kaur Randhawa, Rajiv Sharma.

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In the grim scenario where presently about 70% of pathogenic bacteria are resistant to at least one of the drugs for treatment, cue is to be taken from traditional/ indigenous medicine to tackle it urgently. The Indian traditional knowledge emanates from ayurveda, where Bos indicus is placed at a high pedestal for numerous uses of its various products. Urine is one of the products of cow with many benefits and without inducing toxicity.
Various studies have found good antimicrobial activity of CU comparable with standard drugs like Ofloxacin, Cefpodoxime and Gentamycin, against a vast number of pathogenic bacteria, more so against gram positive than negative bacteria. Interestingly antimicrobial activity has also been found against some resistant strains like MDR E coli and K pneumonia. Antimicrobial action is enhanced still further by it being an immunoenhancer and bioenhancer of some antibiotic drugs. Antifungal activity was comparable to Amphotericin B. CU also has anthelmintic and antineoplastic action. CU has in addition antioxidant properties and it can prevent the damage to DNA caused by the environmental stress. In the management of infectious diseases, CU can be used alone or as an adjunctive to prevent the development of resistance and enhance the effect of standard antibiotics.

Key words: Bos indicus, antibiotic, antifungal, antineoplastic, bioenhacer, immunoenhancer

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